Obesity, more than an aesthetic problem

Obesity corresponds to the excessive accumulation of fat within adipocytes and affects various species. Currently, it is estimated that a large population of dogs and cats around the world are overweight. This is not only an aesthetic problem, it is above all a health problem, since adipose tissue is metabolically active and can lead to an inflammatory process due to the release of adipokines, which can lead to kidney disease, pancreatitis or diabetes, among other problems. .

Main causes of obesity

Possible consequences of obesity

Risk of tracheal collapse
Airway obstruction
Increased anesthetic risk
Increased chance of certain types of cancer
Obstruction and urinary infections
decreased physical activity
dermatological problems
Mellitus diabetes
Renal disease
lower life expectancy

How to lose weight in a healthy way?

It is important to establish a weight loss plan suitable for the animal and its lifestyle, with realistic and feasible expectations, taking into account its nutritional needs. A good intake of fiber and protein is the key to stimulating satiety and diluting the caloric density of the diet, respecting the maintenance of muscle mass during the weight loss process and the well-being of the pet.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can help your pet lose weight, find out about our weight loss plan developed in collaboration with Royal Canin®.

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