Surgery and traumatology:

We have an operating room fully equipped with inhalational anesthesia and monitoring. Soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries are performed.

Surgery and traumatology:

We attend cases of dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, digestive and reproduction, as well as artificial insemination.

Surgery and traumatology:

Throughout the Galician autonomous community, the identification of dogs and cats by means of a microchip is mandatory.


By having 2 hospitalization rooms, we can admit animals with infectious diseases and, on the other hand, pay special attention to the postoperative room and postoperative resuscitation.

Prevention Plans:

We have designed prevention plans for both puppies and adults in order to cover the main demands of our pets in each period of their lives.

Analysis laboratory

We carry out blood, urine, stool and cytology tests whose results are obtained on the same day. In the case of more complex tests, we send the samples to a reference laboratory.

Diagnostic imaging

In radiology we do simple and contrast studies. In ultrasound we perform both soft tissue ultrasound and echocardiography.

Vaccination and deworming:

We always carry out an extensive exploration prior to vaccination to detect possible problems that prevent the application of the most appropriate vaccination protocol. Internal deworming should be applied periodically to avoid problems in your pet and the transmission of parasites to humans.

Dog and cat grooming

Our specialized staff will assist you upon prior appointment request. We carry out a wide variety of cuts and antiparasitic baths so that your pet is always radiant.


¡Todo son ventajas!

Our pets: they include everything your pet needs to lead a healthy and healthy life. The most important thing for your partner is to be prepared against parasites and diseases, and this plan includes everything necessary in terms of prevention (except external deworming).

Our clients: the annual plan allows our clients to know at all times how much they are going to spend on the health of their pet (with a minimum saving of 20% ); and on the other, not worry about guidelines, dates and calendars. We take care of everything!!!.


We also do home consultations. Contact us on the phones:


986 66 08 35


986 33 77 11


608 880 573

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