In 1994 Isidoro Castro, a veterinary graduate from the University of León, returned to his hometown to found the Canis veterinary clinic. After having completed his university stage, he works for two years in the poultry sector, to later bet on training small animals, his true vocation. To do this, he spent a year in the veterinary hospital of San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante), a reference center in Spain at that time.

Once he had acquired the necessary knowledge, he decided to return to his land where he embarked on the business adventure of founding the first small animal veterinary clinic in Condado-Paradanta. At that time, the social awareness about companion animals was quite poor, especially in rural areas; A real concern for the health of pets and their well-being was beginning to be awakened, but much work remained to be done. Today, fortunately, the scenario is quite different.

A leather briefcase, an old stethoscope and a Ford Fiesta were the most used work tools in the origins of this company since most of the services were provided at home. Little by little, the consultation in the clinic was implemented, now with more means, and with the possibility of doing blood and urine tests, diagnostic imaging, hospitalization...

The clinic grew at the same rate that society was demanding better care and attention for their pets. The services provided to dogs and cats were gradually displacing those performed on cows, horses, sheep and pigs.

Thus, the need arose to expand the workforce and gradually grow. They were years of hard work and long working hours with the gratification that clients showed their appreciation and placed their trust in the clinic.









In May 1998, due to the incipient demand from society for a quality veterinary service for small animals, a new clinic was opened in the neighboring town of Salceda de Caselas. This center was transferred in 2012 and is currently a renowned clinic managed by excellent professionals.

In August 2002, a new center was incorporated into the company in the town of Porriño, which has not stopped growing since then and today is a reference in the region of A Louriña.

In April 2005, a new business project called Agrocanis came to light, in the Pontearean parish of Angoares. An agricultural commercial dedicated to feeding farm animals, farm products and gardening. Activity closely related to the foundation that, for logistical and strategic reasons, ended up having its own space within the company.


Today, 25 years later, the leather briefcase from back then has pride of place in the small company museum. On him rests a glass syringe and just to his right is the battered black stethoscope. There is no longer a trace of that old Ford Fiesta and the years have slightly silvered the founder's hair. Today we are eleven members that make up the Canis family, maintaining the passion and illusion that this profession transmits, strengthening the values ​​with which this project was born.

If these 25 years have served to improve the quality of life of our pets, the work will have been worth it...


Isidoro Castro Fernández


I am the founder of Clínica Canis. Back in 1994 I started this business adventure in order to improve animal health and welfare; I have worked very hard throughout these years but, honestly, I think it has been worth it. I combine my work as a clinic manager with that of a surgeon and traumatologist.

In my spare time I like to play sports, read and, above all, travel. I have two dogs, Chispa and Peque, who use up all their energy playing with my children.

Delio González Fragueiro

Degree in Business Administration.

I have been working here for more than twenty years when one summer I wanted to test my vocation to study veterinary medicine. In the end it was not like that but I found myself comfortable and I stayed. I dedicate myself to management, administration, marketing and HR tasks.

I am passionate about sports and I practice all that time allows me. I also like to travel, the movies and the beach. I don't have dogs because they give my wife a little respect, but one day I hope to convince her.

Andrea Caballero Rodríguez

Vet Assistant Training Cycle.

I have always liked animals and it was clear to me that I wanted to dedicate myself to working in that world; Due to life circumstances I started working very young and after going through different jobs, I decided to train as a veterinary clinic assistant and bet on what I really liked; I did my practices in canis, and since then here I am.

In my spare time I like to travel, hike, enjoy family and especially walk with my dogs; Lua who has been my faithful companion for twelve years, and Lili and Will who came into my life a year ago and are the joy of the house.

Sheila García Barreros

Vet Assistant Training Cycle.

After several years working as an accountant, I decided to turn my life around and become a veterinary clinic assistant. I have always been fascinated by animals and, to this day, I think I have made a good decision. I carry out auxiliary tasks both in the Canis clinic and in Animalia and, from time to time, I do my first steps as a canine groomer.

My two passions in life are animals and traveling. I have traveled the most exotic countries and, in the next 50 years, I hope to see half the planet. My real weakness is called Gala, she is the most wonderful dog in the world. If one day we cross paths in the park, I'll introduce her to you so you can get to know her.

Rosalía Fernández Regueiro

Environmental Health Cycle.

Since I was little my passion has always been animals, especially dogs. After having gone through jobs of all kinds, I decided to try my hand at what really excites me. And here you have me, enjoying day by day the best company one can have. You can live without a dog but it's not worth it. I perform clinical assistant tasks and canine groomer.

Yoga and traveling are two of my hobbies, but what I really dedicate almost all my time to is helping and enjoying animals. I have four fantastic dogs called Kai, Nuca, Duna and Noa, but if it were up to me, I would have many more.

Verónica Lage Rey


I have been in this fantastic profession for more than ten years and I like it more every day. Since I was a child, it was clear to me what I wanted to do when I grew up and all my efforts have gone in that direction. As a veterinarian my main practice is internal medicine and soft tissue surgery.

My other great passion is traditional music. I am a member of a group in which I sing, dance and play the tambourine. I combine this with the gym, reading and, above all, with the noble task of being a 2.0 mother. My cat Trasno, my dog ​​Bella, Chipper (my son's hamster) and a bunch of mandarins that flutter in their aviary welcome me every day at my house.

Pablo Rodríguez Fernández


My name is Pablo and I graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Santiago de Compostela and later did a postgraduate course in small animal clinic at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

While I was doing my studies I was a collaborating student in the Helper program at the Rof Codina Veterinary Hospital. Later I made stays in several reference centers in Spain such as Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Madrid and Mallorca. And in my last year of study I spent two months in Porto doing an Erasmus internship.

I worked for almost three years at the Abros Veterinary Hospital in Ourense. My areas of interest are internal medicine, ophthalmology and diagnostic imaging.

I like to spend my free time with my friends, family and travel as much as possible.

Carlos Blanco Iglesias


After a decade of practicing as a small animal veterinarian, I am fortunate to find motivation on a daily basis to continue dedicating myself to pet medicine.

From the faculty I focused my training in the field of surgery and anesthesia, and I continue to train in it day by day.

As for the personal, I am a faithful follower of punk music and a very soccer fan. I am a father and I enjoy the company of my dog ​​Trufa. She has always been present as a faithful friend from college to this day.

Celia Burgos González


From a very young age I was surrounded by animals. After seeing how my cousins ​​escaped while I was watching carefully the birth of a sheep, it was not difficult to think that mine was going to be the vet.

Although at the beginning of my studies I doubted between horses or small animals (dogs and cats), I ended up opting for the latter, enjoying the beauty and nobility of horses in my free time. I like internal medicine and cytology, and I try to keep up to date by taking "retraining" courses.
Personally, I like to enjoy the little things in life: friends, family, nature, a good movie, a good book, travel... And never miss music and dance!

Josefa Martínez Domínguez

Agrocanis Retail Sales Associate.

I have been part of this company since 2005, so we can say that I am a veteran around here.

In my beginnings I worked as a salesperson at Animalia but, shortly after, I became the manager of Agrocanis where I have been since then. My task is to advise our clients on everything related to agriculture and livestock. I am also responsible for regulating stocks and dealing with our suppliers so that our commitment to variety, quality and price is met in the best possible way.

It relaxes me a lot cultivating my garden, walking in the mountains and reading. I have three turtles named Lolo, Lisa and Lara, who have been with me for many years and are now members of my family.

Canis Hugo

Hugo Rodríguez Santiso

Community Manager

I have been working in customer service in different veterinary clinics since I was 19 years old. In the year 2020 my head asked me for a professional change and at Clínica Canis they needed a person with experience, so do not hesitate. This clinic offered me a very exciting project that was just what I needed at that professional and personal moment.

I am in charge of the store, social networks and everything related to the nutrition of your pets.

In my most personal facet I am a great fan of sports and I have carried three marathons on my legs. In the town I have always been known for playing soccer, but just like with work, one day I decided to turn my sports career around and change soccer for other sports that I had always wanted to practice. My goal for 2022, to do a Half Ironman.

My other great hobby is the movies, that's why I have a white kitten that I call Snow after the Vikings series.

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